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Deutsch-Amerikanisches Bürgerbüro German-American Community Office Lauterstrasse 2 67657 Kaiserslautern
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Useful Info:

Swimming classes – English spoken / Schwimmkurse in englischer Sprache

In response to requests from American families, the Kaiserslautern DLRG will begin providing English language swimming classes with certified instructors for children 6 years of age and above on Monday evenings from 6 until 7 pm at the Schule Zentrum Sued (in the Betzenberg area near the city’s professional soccer stadium).

The DLRG is the German water safety and life-saving organization that has provided such swimming instruction since 1914. Their program is very similar to the Red Cross certified swim instructions provided back in the US. If you wish to sign up your child (or children), please reply by email and include your child/children’s names and age(s), their level of swim ability and a phone number for you. The child / children should have some water comfort in a pool that varies from 5 to 8 feet in depth and be already able to move 10 yards by himself or herself in the water. The classes will be limited in size, so it will be of benefit for you to sign up soonest. The first couple class sessions will be without charge, as the instructors will evaluate each child to determine the best instruction program for him/her. Afterwards, each child will have to become a DLRG member, which costs up to 40 Euros per year. This is required by an insurance program. Except for scored tests (which are not required in the course), there are no other costs for the instruction. If you have questions about the program or wish to sign up your child/children, please email to Larry_Zani@compuserve.com The first class meeting will be announced as soon as enough children have been signed up. The classes will be held every Monday except those days during German school holidays.


Bei Interesse an englischsprachigen Schwimmkursen wenden Sie sich bitte an


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