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Useful Info:

Symphonic Orchestra Steinalben / Moosalbtaler Symphonisches Orchester

The Symphonic Orchestra Steinalben offers US-soldiers, family members and civilians the opportunity to join the orchestra. They are seeking musicians (except string instrument players) for both the main symphonic orchestra of currently 65 members as well as their youth orchestra of 55 members. Both sections are conducted by professional musicians, who have also performed with the orchestra of the “Pfalztheater”. The youth section rehearses on Mondays from 1900 to 2100 hrs and the symphonic orchestra on Fridays from 1930 to 2200 hrs. In addition, lessons are available to all interested youth on practically every instrument. The clubhouse is located in Steinalben, on B270, towards Pirmasens, approx. 15km from Kaiserslautern. Many of the musicians are fluent in English.

For further information please visit their homepage at below link or contact Herr
Bernd Albert
Neue Straße 53
66885 Altenglan
e-mail: katja_bernd.albert@t-online.de
Tel: 06381/994053
Mobile: 017623807006

Dieses Orchester sucht auch amerikanische Mitglieder. Interessenten melden sich bei oben angeführter Kontaktperson

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